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Birkenstock And Animal Free Materials

Published / by hfid hmad

birkenstock-veganIn the beginning of the year, Birkenstock USA announced the release of their latest footwear collection featuring their iconic styles using materials other than animal hide. Vegan Arizona and Vegan Gizeh are the two most appreciated models in this collection and which have been among the two most searched Birkenstock sandals ever on google.

Many people are concerned with this vegan culture especially when it comes to products they are using and eating. While, many people have a different view and find it normal to profit from animal skin to produce footwear, Birkenstock wanted to widen the range of its customers by producing this category. According to Happy Feet, the company have received demands from customers about animal-free option.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an organization who mentioned Birkenstock after its latest release of the vegan collection which helped promote the German brand. There is a stereotype which is still circulating around social media which says that Birkenstock wearers are naturalists and vegetarians. It’s sure that it’s not true. Birkenstock have now trespassed the bubble of stylistic association. It’s now worn by different people from various styles and one thing is sure, the comfort which Birkenstock brings to wearers will render anyone a devoted adopter of these sandals. It’s nonetheless true that vegan shoes have already been introduced by Birkenstock in Europe for several years now. It’s curious though how they haven’t been showcased in the Birkenstock stores of America.

Birkenstock now uses microfiber which is a synthetic, durable material to mimic the leather finish.