Invicta Watches Quality

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Invicta today is a name which doesn’t need to introduced among watches fans, especially those from the United States. Originally from Swizerland, Invicta’s headquarter is located today in Hollywood, Florida. Swiss watches are known for their qualities, but Invicta has raised a lot of controversies among owners and watch collectors in various forums and on blog comments. This is what pushed me to get interested in this and I started looking in some forums like watch and Omegaforums which are two of the most popular timepieces forums on the net.invicta-watches review

The question of the quality of Invicta watches is what interests a lot of potential buyers. Although the widespread of its watches reviews out there, some buyers want get more experience from other people.

I landed on a forum thread which talks about Invicta watches and this is its story. The original poster was named Nick and which have noticed the coming of Invicta watches in a jewelry district in the downtown of Los Angeles. The brightness of these watches is what piqued the interest of nick. At his first look, he was skeptical towards these watches and thought that they were Japanese ,or even worst, Chinese ones. He was surprised to learn that they are a Swiss company. He had brought a variety of twelve Invicta watches which he displayed on his case. Some years passed, and after moving them from counter to counter, he eventually ended up giving them away to a family friend. They were put on auction at eBay and the ending price was around $5o each on the average.

Nick was apparently forced to fill his shop with Invicta watches and even after this first failure with these watches he felt forced once again because of economic trends in the business to try out Invicta watches once again. He praises the professionalism of Invicta’s marketing, as they contract major retailers and make huge marketing advertisement campaigns. He even gone on to say that it seems like someone who doesn’t own an Invicta watch is supposed to be living in a cave. I think this is exactly the point, marketing is very powerful regardless of the quality of the product. Nick also made the remark that Invicta has an overwhelming model varieties which results in too much supply than the demand in the market. He also thinks that the yellow brand whould take a lesson from Rolex and make less as it´s actually “more”.

After this story, I think that one of the main points here is that Invicta concentrate more on the quantity of models than the quality and plays more on the quality/price relationship and has a very good marketing strategy in addition to a great capacity of copying other big watches brands models.



Birkenstock And Animal Free Materials

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birkenstock-veganIn the beginning of the year, Birkenstock USA announced the release of their latest footwear collection featuring their iconic styles using materials other than animal hide. Vegan Arizona and Vegan Gizeh are the two most appreciated models in this collection and which have been among the two most searched Birkenstock sandals ever on google.

Many people are concerned with this vegan culture especially when it comes to products they are using and eating. While, many people have a different view and find it normal to profit from animal skin to produce footwear, Birkenstock wanted to widen the range of its customers by producing this category. According to Happy Feet, the company have received demands from customers about animal-free option.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an organization who mentioned Birkenstock after its latest release of the vegan collection which helped promote the German brand. There is a stereotype which is still circulating around social media which says that Birkenstock wearers are naturalists and vegetarians. It’s sure that it’s not true. Birkenstock have now trespassed the bubble of stylistic association. It’s now worn by different people from various styles and one thing is sure, the comfort which Birkenstock brings to wearers will render anyone a devoted adopter of these sandals. It’s nonetheless true that vegan shoes have already been introduced by Birkenstock in Europe for several years now. It’s curious though how they haven’t been showcased in the Birkenstock stores of America.

Birkenstock now uses microfiber which is a synthetic, durable material to mimic the leather finish.

Five Amazing Tense Wooden Watches

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A wooden watch is no longer an item of souvenir that you keep in your drawer, but with many brands having entered this category today, things have changer. What was preventing wood watches from becoming popular and worn by fashionists is the messy design of these. With the tools of today, the design have evolved and Tense is one of the pioneers who have contributed to this evolution.

Who is Tense

Tense is a company specialized in manufacturing wood watches. It’s in 1971, Canada where the company started to create watches and which is now making watches out of %100 recycled wood. Tense has a workshop in Vancouver in which they produce handmade watches. Tense’s 50 years experience with wood watches is significant because of the early start of its designers which Ken P.Lau is one of them.

Tense Wood Watches

Here is our pick of wood watches from the Canadian brand.

WASHINGTON NORTHtense washington north watch

The Washingto North is multi-function watch made of natural Butternut wood, which is a species of Walnut native to the eastern United States and southeast Canada. This is a men’s watch (like all the rest of the list btw). The light brown goes very well with the blue of the dial and the sweeping hands are luminescent. The hour and second markers are colored with a light yellowish grey that gives a classy look and which features a minimalist design with no Numerals on it. The watch is adjustable via a buckle clasp on which is engraved the leaf from Tense’s logo    . The Tense Washington North Costs $259.99

HYBRIDtense hybrid watch

This Tense watch is like its name indicate, a “hybrid”. Unlike the previous one, this watch is not entirely made of wood. Only the watch case is made of wood with a part made of metal with a strap made of genuine Italian Leather. The dial design is clean and simple with tiny numeral which indicates minutes with round little dots as hour markers and short strokes for minutes/seconds as well as a calendar display. The most impressive feature of this one is the movement which is a premium Ronda 6004D Swiss Movements. The dial is protected under a scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal, and corrosion resistant Surgical Grade 316 Stainless Steel finished with PVD coating. According to tense, wood used on this series is from 100% recycled wood sources. With all these features, it’s no surprise that the price would be a bit higher than all the others, $329.99.

HAMPTONtense hampton zebrawood watch

This one is my personal favorite. The wood used on this gorgeous timepiece is a natural Brazilian Zebrawood which has unique wavy grain pattern. The dial is nicely designed with a black background which contrasts very well with the bright wood of the whole watch with a silver tone hands and sub-dial. The case diameter of this watch is 51mm and is 11mm thick which is smaller than the previous watch. This watch is one of the cheapest on our list : $189.99.

HAMPTON NORTHtense hampton north watch

This Tense Hampton North is a midlle way between the Hybrid and the Hampton models as it has the leather strap similar to the first one and the zebrawood of the second one. The circular dial is black with dark grey printed Arabic numerals that indicates minutes and little bumped dots as hour markers. The wood on this watch is also %100 recycled. The watch is also available on other combination of wood and leather color like walnut wood case with blue leather strap. This watch costs $179.99

YukonTENSE Mens Yukon wood watch

This is the last Tense watch of the list. Yukon, which means “Great River”, is the name of one of the important routes in Canada and which inspired the company to create this watch. This watch is handcrafted using walnut wood and featuers a president style strap band. The dial is of a classy looking light grey featuring a sunbeam effect. The dial is surrounded by a fake spiky bezel which add more depth to the look of the watch. This watch also has a calendar display located at the 3’oclock position. The wooden case measures 48mm in width and 13mm in thickness. The clasp is made of stainless steel which matches nicely the color of the dial. This on is the cheapest of our list costing $159.
To conclude, I would like to point out that according to the manufacturer, all Tense watch pieces are hypoallergenic, adjustable in size and manufactured in Canada with Miyota Watch Movements from Japan.